Dairy Transport

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We specialise in off-farm raw and specialty milk collection as well as inter-plant transfers throughout New Zealand. We have the capacity to expand our fleet to suit the fluctuating seasonal requirements.

We have over 7 years’ experience providing services for both co-operative and independently owned dairy companies. 

We are recognised as one of the most credible companies who collect milk off-farm in New Zealand.

We have a highly experienced milk collection team who utilise our cutting edge fleet configuration and milk sampling technology to provide an efficient, cost-effective service to both the farmers who produce the milk and the companies we collect for. 

Our entire tanker fleet are permitted to transport heavy loads which enables us to carry a maximum tonnage for each axle weight. We operate DAF, FUSO and Mercedes trucks and we are capable of:

  • 53 tonne capacity on our 9 axle units
  • 50 tonne capacity on our 8 axle units
  • 33,000 litre capacity per load at 53 tonne on our 9 axle units